Guidelines for presenters

Oral presentations

Our programme slots are 30 minutes long, but presentations are strictly 20 minutes.
There will be 5 minutes for questions and 5 minutes for changeover.
There is a PC, screen and projector in all session rooms. However, to help with the running of the sessions:

a) Delegates are kindly requested to upload their power point presentation during the breaks prior to their talk, and not during room change.

b) Delegates presenting on Thursday are requested to upload their power point upon arrival in the morning. Please enquire at registration desk.

c) You do not need your own computer as AV facilities are standard in our rooms (including sound). If you would like to use MACs please make sure you bring your VGA display adaptors, though we strongly encourage you to bring a copy of your work in PC compatible form – if in doubt, we recommend bringing a pdf-version of your presentation.

Poster presentations

1. The Poster Boards will be located in the main exhibition hall in the Business Suite. We recommend A1 size.

2. Presenters are requested to set up their posters on Thursday Sept 1st before the Opening Ceremony, leave them for the duration of the conference, and remove them at the end.

3. Presenters who wish to provide a take away summary, flyer, or contact card are requested to provide a container, folder or envelope for these.

4. Presenters are requested to be present at the poster during one of the POSTER SESSIONS on the Conference programme. They may wish to indicate on the poster the period (say 30-45 minutes) when they will be available for discussion.

5. The Richard Pemberton Prize will be given to the best poster presented at the conference. The Postgraduate Liaison Officer and two other members of the EC will judge the posters and determine who the winner should be. The winner receives a copy of the winning BAAL book-prize entry.